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"A Thousand Plateaux"

The title comes from Deuleuze & Guattari, but this series of digitally treated landscapes also references Debord's " endless adventure, an endless passion..."

In the 18th-century, educated aristocrats would set off to explore the wonders and sublimities of nature or history: the Alps, the Scottish Highlands, The Welsh mountains, the wonders of Ancient Rome, Athens, the Pyramids of Egypt.  "The Grand Tour", as it became known, formed part of every young aristocrat's cultural education, and also the origins of modern-day tourism. Artists like Turner also went on the tour to paint these scenes, or, like Canaletto, sold paintings of them as souvenirs for the aristocrats to bring back to their country estates.

Moorland Productions do a lot of travelling, facilitated by economic air travel and digital cameras. Wherever we go for work we take photographs, which, on our return, are selected, reformatted, put through digital filters to make them look like watercolours, standardised and synthesised to present our own, digital version of the "Grand Tour" for the 21st-century.

As multiples, limited edition prints on watercolour paper, they are available from our shop.

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