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RADAR Infopoint
Telecom Italia Future Centre,Venice, 2004

For the concluding, fourth phase of the RADAR Project, all 30 artists re-assembled in Venice at the Telecom Italia Future Centre, near the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal. The central courtyard became a forum and meeting place for the RADAR artists and their collaborators and guests, where food from all the participating countries was served, a slide show representing all the artists, projects and events over the two years of the project was beamed onto the Telecom buildings, and the films produced by the RADAR artists were screened in multiple mini-cinemas around the cloistered courtyard.

Moorland Productions screened: "Song without Words", "Rynek", and "Venezia com'erà" (reminiscences of Venice as it used to be, produced with senior citizens in a residential care home), and introduced a performative piece, "Seetha's World Tour", involving staging photographs with volunteer artists/curators/friends and a cardboard cut-out version of Seetha (who could not be physically present), in a analogue version of a Photoshop collage. For this, the cut-out version of Seetha travelled through Passport control and flew to Venice and back, and later to Tainan.

A series of posters "RADAR Living" by Boris Missirkov were displayed on billboards around Venice to publicise the event.

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