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Larroque Arts Festival Poster 2015


2009- present

Based in the Old Post Office and Town Hall of Larroque in SW France, where Moorland Productions have a studio and gallery/project space, the annual International Arts Festival has welcomed over 500 artists from all over the world to exhibit contemporary work in Installation, Net-art, sculpture, painting, video and other media since 2009. There is usually a theme and an Open Call, and artists can either send their work, transmit it electronically or bring it with them physically. Each year there are artists' meetings, dinners, trips to local sites and an opportunity to network and make future plans. The Festival encourages both young and established artists to meet and exchange ideas in a rural setting and familial atmosphere.

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The Frozen Academy poster 2008


An on-going collaborative networked project with Josef Danek, Professor of Experimental Drawing at Ostrava Academy of Art, CZ and students. Founded in Larroque in 2008, this informal network has realised about 70 international projects and exhibitions in Prague, Brno, Leeds, London, Larroque, Berlin, Korea, and Cyprus. It uses modern communications and electronic media, in combination with traditional media, video, performance and text. A unifying feature is the transnational 'networked meal' which forms a focus for several of the events.


The Frozen Academy is a nomadic creative project which draws upon notions of translocality and distributed artistic practice.


A recent book about its practice and related events is published here:

The Moorland Press



The Moorland Press was founded in 2003 to act as the imprint of Moorland Productions, producing catalogues of their work and that of fellow artists. All the design, photography, layout and editing is done in-house. Print runs are usually limited to c. 1000 copies. All publications have ISBN numbers and copies of all publications go to the national UK libraries and are available directly from Moorland Productions.

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Moorland Productions CDs & Films


2003 - onwards

Moorland Productions is a creative artistic partnership which primarily makes its own on-going artwork. A key idea is that we make everything ourselves, including the publication and distribution of our work.  As such we produce a variety of film DVDs, Audio CDs, PDF/Powerpoint catalogues and web-sites of our work, projects and sometimes that of fellow artists and collaborators. We have collaborated with: ACOSS Centre for Social Art in Yerevan, Armenia, The Espai Sant' Marc in Mallorca, Spain, The Water Tower Arts Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria, The Frozen Academy (Brno/Prague and elsewhere), East London Late Starters Orchestra, Cyprus College of Art, The Lacuna Art Studios, and the Lanzarote Arts Festival, Lanzarote, Bernard O'Neill (Bozas International Productions),  The Grauhlet "Rues d'Été Festival, France, The One Minutes Foundation Amsterdam and many more. We are also part of the XVI Collective, a artist group based in London and New York. All the design, photography, layout, editing and production is done in-house. Numbers are limited to individual/on-demand and are available directly from Moorland Productions.

Projects: Project
The LAF Cookbook


Open Call out now

Currently underway, Moorland Productions is collecting recipes and artworks from some of the 500 artists who have collaborated and exhibited with LAF (Larroque Arts Festival) over the last 10 years to prepare the LAF Cookbook - an international project linking art, creativity and food.  A recurring feature of Moorland Productions/LAF/Frozen Academy events is the unifying factor of a collaborative meal, prepared together or remotely via the internet.  The LAF cookbook will present a selection of these recipes from some of the fifty countries represented at LAF together with original artwork created specially for the cookbook. The central text will be printed digitally and distributed via Amazon print-on-demand. A limited edition will also include a hand-printed cover (screenprint, woodblock print, lino print or other) individually produced so that each cover is different, as a collectable artist-book in 2021.

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