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"Transient States" 
The Deptford X (2004)

Phase three of the RADAR Project involved participation by all 30 of the RADAR artists in the London Deptford X exhibition (2004).

Moorland Productions showed two of the "Four Elements" digital panoramas, "Air" and "Water", printed half size (0.5 x 5 metres) dealing with issues such as water pollution, over-fishing, industrial pollution in Mestre and the impact of Venice airport on the eco-structure of Venice. 


Also exhibited were two large laminated digital prints of "Air" and "Water", extracted from our film "Song without Words", plus a painted wooden sculpture of a Bridge and a related text panel entitled "Bridge" quoting Marco Polo's comment, in Italo Calvino's"Invisible Cities", about what really constitutes a bridge.  We thought of Venice as a 'bridge' between sky and water, East and West.

The installation took place under a converted railway arch, which incidentally included a vertical water drainage pipe, crossed by three bridge-like armatures, echoing the three bridges over the Venice Grand Canal. The colour of the cement floor also echoed the grey-green colour of Venice lagoon water. Our sculpture referenced the three painted armatures supporting the water conduit.

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